Creating Custom Opt-Out Experiences

You can also use tags to let people opt-out of a certain email campaign while still remaining as an active subscriber.

Let's say you just launched a course and you're going to be emailing people about it the next two weeks. You can use the tagging system above to let people opt-out of those reminders but to still be a subscriber.

Hey everyone! My new course on how to put easy-to-use code to work in your blog posts and pages is now live. The enrollment period is only open for the next two weeks, so be sure to grab your spot, fast! Hey friend, are you not interested in the course? No worries. Click here to keep getting my regular emails and to opt out of these course reminder.

When you set up the email, you set up the click here as a trigger that adds a tag to your subscriber, such as "no course reminders." Then the next time you send an email about the course, make sure to exclude everyone with the "no course reminders" tag.

This lets you keep marketing to those who want to hear about the course, and lets you keep your subscribers who love your content but don't want to get your marketing emails about this specific product. This is a great way to reduce unsubscribes.