In-Depth Training on Tagging and Automation Rules

ConvertKit's tagging system and automation rules are absolutely fantastic. If you master ConvertKit's subscriber-centric tagging system, your readers will love every single email you send them.

Use tags to create and send content your audience really wants

Everyone wants to get tailored content. But how can you do that when you just have a huge list of names? How are you supposed to make sure Taylor gets emails about building his brand and that Monisha gets emails about creating systems to streamline her business? Well, you can do that with tags.

Here's an example email you can send out:

Hey everyone! I love talking with you about making your biz dreams come true, and I'd love to know a bit more about where you are in your business! Just click the link below that best describes you.
  • I'm thinking about starting my business in the next few months
  • I started my business this year and I need help building my brand
  • I've been running my business a while and I want to learn more about streamlining it and creating effective processes
Thanks for letting me know! I'll be creating even more content tailored just for you. Not on the list? Hit reply and let me know what best describes your situation!

When a subscriber clicks on a link, it adds a tag to them. Taylor would click on the middle link, and the tag "brand building" would be added to him. Monisha would click on the last link and the tag "process" would be added to her.

Feeling a little lost? Don't worry, I'll walk you through the process in the video above.

Now that you have segmented (ie divided) your subscribers up into what they want to know about, you can start writing some pretty great emails! You can create a webinar on effective processes and systems in a business and market it directly to Monisha. You can write an amazing blog post about branding and send it just to Taylor.

When you do this, you're going to see your open rates skyrocket and your content get a lot more engagement. Why? Because you're sending them exactly what they needed. This is the beauty of knowing who your audience is.