Course Overview

Hey everyone, and welcome to the course! This introduction video will go over everything that you'll be learning on your crash course journey through web design and coding basics.

A Note About Video Tutorials and Platforms

I'll be showing you some of the more advanced concepts in this course in these two most common platforms: Squarespace and WordPress. If you are using another platform, such as Wix or Blogger, you're still going to learn all of the concepts you need to make changes to your blog or website! There just won't be video tutorials for your specific platforms.

A Note About the Drip Course

This is a drip course, which means that sections of this course will open up to you over time. Be patient, the course unlocks all of its content in just under a week!

We made this a drip course about 3 months after the course launch, when we found that students were skipping introductory sections and getting lost in more advanced lessons. By making this a drip course, we find that people are more likely to work on the practice homework assignments and complete the course.

Interested in a career-level web design course?

This course is for bloggers who want to learn the basics of web design. If you're looking to make a career change and want to become a web designer, I recommend you check out Skillcrush ($500) for in-depth training.

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