Where to Place CSS - Squarespace

Have a blog on Squarespace? Watch this video to learn where to put your custom CSS.

Author's Note: Em vs Pixel

In this video, I use a term that's probably new to you: em. Em (em) is a scalable unit that is used by web designers to keep websites mobile-friendly. Another way to describe it:

Em is a way to signify font sizes that will automatically scale up (font size 16 to font size 20) on larger devices or scale down ( font size 16 to font size 12) on smaller devices.

Ems work outside font sizes. For example, on your laptop screen 1em = font size 16. You can learn more about em and use a conversion app here.

You'll see in our future homework assignments that I often use Pixels (px). Pixels fixed-size units that are used on the web and in physical media design. If you say font size 16, no matter the size of the screen, the font will appear as size 16.

It'll be easiest for you right now to use pixels, since pixels are what we use in everyday word processors.

Font size 16 is 16px. Font size 9 is 9px. You get the picture.

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