Where to Place the CSS - WordPress

Is your blog hosted on WordPress? Watch this video to learn where to put your custom CSS changes and homework assignments.

A Note About Themes Updates & Changes

When putting your CSS style changes in the Appearance > Editor section, please note that those styles will disappear if:

  • You update the theme (new version comes out)
  • You change the theme (switch to a new theme)

So if you use this method, be sure to save your style changes in another location (ie a blog post draft, a Word Doc, etc.) so that you do not have to re-figure out those style changes.

A Note About Caching

Is a style not appearing right away on your site? It could be an issue with caching. Give yourself 30-60 seconds and then hit refresh again.

Pro tip: If you have a plugin (like WP Super Cache) or a setting that cache's your site, you can either disable your plugin or clear or "flush" your cache to help make the changes appear earlier.

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