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  The HTML Code You Need To Know

In the following lessons, we're going to learn:

  • How to make inserted and deleted text
  • How to make text disappear
  • How to create page-dividing lines
  • How to create links to content inside a page

What I'm not teaching

We're not going to learn anything that your blog post menu bar has—like bolding, italics, alignment, etc—because I want you to focus on the uncommon code that can make your content shine!

But what if I want to learn more than that?

I hope you do! Web design and coding is 60% perspiration and 40% curiosity! Once you grasp the concept of using HTML, it's just a matter of looking up a new tag and using it in your post or page.

I've included resources below that have a master list of useful tags. Once you feel that you've mastered the HTML I'll teach in the first half of this course, go back to this section and use other HTML tags.


TJ Hadley
HI! Is it possible to get access to all of the course at one time?
Hi TJ!

Unfortunately, Teachable only allows and either or for a course - either all open, or drip content. Don't worry, this stuff opens up pretty fast!
TJ Hadley
Ok thanks for such a quick response. I am enjoying the course thus far.

Sher Tracey
Hi! In Making Code Disappear: HTML the seems to not be working for me. Where did I go wrong?
I typed: Sign up!
Please Help! Thanks
Hi Sher,

Are you having the issues using html commenting? The commenting with the carrot and the dashes will only work in the text/html edit of your post or page.

This won't work in the regular section.
Sher Tracey
Hi Hidama,
oh, thank you!
Wow, those links are life savers - Thanks! No more googling for that one code you can't quite remember, that you haven't used in umpteen years, but it is right on the tip of your finger.