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  What is HTML and CSS?

Your website is made up of 2 primary types of code: HTML and CSS.

Imagine building a house. You start with the foundation, then you put up the frame of the house. After that, you add your walls, floors, and ceilings.

That's HTML. It is the foundational elements of the house.

Now go back to your imaginary house. Pick the color you want to paint the walls, the backsplash pattern for the kitchen, and the flooring throughout the house.

That's CSS. CSS is the interior designer that says "Hey, I'm going to make this look beautiful!" And just like with a painted wall, you can always change your mind with CSS without affecting the structure of the site. You just pick a new color and you're done.

Now, this is a simplified look at what each coding language is. HTML can do design things  that CSS does, and CSS can do some structural things HTML does. But generally, HTML is the structure and CSS is the design.  

Hi Sarah

Have a question regarding your Complete Guide to it included in the bundle? If so how can I access it? Thanks!

The HTLM and CSS course is a refresh for myself and there's alot of great information in it.
The Complete Guide to ConvertKit can be found here: It's separate from this course.
I saw it in your courses and just wanted to confirm It's not included in the bundle. Thanks for your quick response.
Hi Sarah
I'm going through the course and the videos say they will be available in three days. Is that accurate and if so no problem. Hopefully you're updating the content since technology changes daily. Thanks!
Hi Chrissy,

This is a drip course, which means that we release new sections over time to students. Everything in the course is already created, we just try to slow down our students and make sure they're really going through the course at good pace, and not skipping sections. Be patient—the wait time is very minimal, and lots more stuff will be available every day!
Tatiana Froes
Getting excited here! I never knew I was going to learn coding. I'm way past being 12 years old! LOL.
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